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IC Cover A Century of Lies: Did we ever really need to be on oil? How we can get off right now.




Two of the biggest capitalists in the history of the United States, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, both agreed in 1914 to replace every gasoline-burning car in this country with an electric vehicle. It's been forgotten in history. It was a secret project. And it was subverted by interests who wanted to stick with internal combustion machines, stick with gasoline burners.

Glenn Beck Show
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Award-winning investigative journalist Edwin Black has written a new book called Internal Combustion. In it, he criticizes what he says is the self-interest of the U.S. oil and car industries. Black has compiled thousands of original documents related to GM and the National City Lines case—documents that most historians have never seen.

PBS History Detectives
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Edwin Black, he is the author of a new book called "Internal Combustion." ... Tremendous book. I can't wait to read "Combustion." ...

Glenn Beck Show
CNN Headline News
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WJR Radio

You have written this book Internal Combustion, and a lot of people are pointing to it and saying it is a must-read for everyone interested in the effects of high gasoline prices and the push to go to ethanol.

760 WJR
Frank Beckmann Show
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Miami Herald

His new book, an exposé of the confluence of corrupt forces that killed the growth of nonfossil transportation fuels, the trolley system and what is now called "alternative energy," is presented in the context of history stretching over a millennium, back when wood was man's primary fuel and horses were the main form of conveyance.

Richard Pachter
Miami Herald
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Voice America

Edwin Black should receive... in addition to the Pulitzer Prize... not just national, but world recognition for what he is doing. This is serious...He is trying to say, "This is what's happening, and we can make a difference."

Joyce Bender
Disability Matters
Voice America
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Edmonton Journal

Alberta's oil sands are an obscene waste of money, says award-winning author and journalist Edwin Black. ... On the last stop of a three-month 50-city book tour, he was in Edmonton Monday where he told a University of Alberta audience of about 250 people that it's time for the world to shake its addiction to oil.

Mike Sadava
The Edmonton Journal
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