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GM and the Nazis
by Edwin Black

In a four-part, 10,000 word, special investigative series, Edwin Black chronicles General Motors extensive relationship with Nazi Germany. GM's Opel was the largest car and truck maker in the Third Reich. When Hitler came to power, his nation was still primarily a horse-drawn country. From the outset, GM consciously mass produced cars and truck for the German military, becoming a major and indispensable spear of Nazi rearmament. This included the Blitz truck which became the mainstay of the Blitzkrieg that conquered Europe. GM concealed its American control of Opel through special executives committees and board directorates. After the War, GM took all the profit, including that gained from slave labor. After a Congressional investigation, GM tried to obscure the facts and pressured Washington about a special report on the company's activities. To this day, the company frustrates research efforts into its protracted and profitable involvement in Nazi genocide. The series, published in various sizes and edited formats, was based on Chapter 10 of Internal Combustion and additional new research.

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