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Aired September 13, 2006 - 19:00:00   ET


It`s time for us to make a decision. We can either be the short-term thinkers and cheer every time gas hits $2 a gallon, or we can be long-term thinkers and realize, this isn`t about the price of gas. It`s about the security of our country. Edwin Black, he is the author of a new book called "Internal Combustion."

Edwin, you did your book -- by the way, you did the IBM and Holocaust book, did you not?

EDWIN BLACK, AUTHOR, "INTERNAL COMBUSTION": Yes, I did, because that was involved with a terrible past, and now I`m looking at a terrible future.

BECK: Yeah. Tremendous book. I can`t wait to read "Combustion." What is the biggest lie that you came across when you were doing the research on this book?

BLACK: Well, the biggest lie we`re looking at now is that corn ethanol is good for this country. Actually, corn ethanol is going to extend our addiction to oil. It takes a gallon to a gallon and a quarter of petroleum to make a gallon of corn ethanol, and there`s more than a 50-cent little known government subsidy that goes right to the oil companies. So every time you think you`re helping the farmers, you`re actually helping the oil companies.

At the same time, Brazilian sugar cane ethanol is oil-free, does not require oil, it`s good for the environment. We have a punitive tax against that, more than 50 cents a gallon, and that keeps it out. So that`s the biggest lie we`re looking at now, is the next big fuel mistake is corn ethanol.

BECK: OK. Hang on. How about this, because I really thought you would say that one of the biggest lies that you came across is the fact that we are going to have to spend billions of dollars to change the infrastructure of our highway systems if we come onto, let`s say hydrogen cars.

BLACK: That`s another lie.

BECK: Right.

BLACK: If you want a hydrogen car, all you`ve got to do is get the Honda hydrogen car, when it`s going to be introduced in a couple of years, perhaps sooner. It`s going to have a home energy station. It`s going to be about the size of an air conditioner. It`s going to convert hydrogen right in your backyard or in your garage. It`s going to power your entire home and five cars. Honda`s going to sell it with the hydrogen car.

This is not a look into the future. This machine is available right now from Plug Power. Honda controls it, and BMW is beating Honda to the punch with hydrogen as well. There`s enough hydrogen flowing through this country in pipelines and trucks every day, right this minute, to fuel a million hydrogen cars.

One of the lies is we need to build a hydrogen highway. We don`t, it`s here.

BECK: OK, but this, actually -- you`ll never go to a gas station again, or a hydrogen station. You actually pump the hydrogen in your own garage?

BLACK: That`s right. The hydrogen will be manufactured right in your own garage in a small box that will also power your entire home. It`s called the home energy station by Honda. It`s made by Plug Power, and Honda is developing a car that they want to bring out in about three years. BMW is bringing one out next year that`s actually going to use a liquid hydrogen and a gas station.

BECK: Wait, wait, wait. This will power your own home as well?

BLACK: That`s right, everything. We have a .

BECK: These guys, I`ve got to tell you, only Honda could do these, because these guys would be dead, they`d be floating in some river if they were anyplace in New Jersey.

BLACK: Honda refuses to get involved with corn ethanol because it`s a bad idea. Hydrogen is the answer and it is either going to be BMW or Honda. They`re both racing each other starting point and we need to be with them.

BECK: Let me go through a couple of things because there`s some technology that`s fallen flat -- oh, I have 30 seconds. I don`t have time to do this.

BLACK: We`ve only had 100 years to get it wrong.

BECK: I know. I tell you what, we`ll have you back, because you`re a fascinating guy and you`ve done so much research on this. How long you been researching this book?

BLACK: This book took about 50,000 documents, 100 archives and about a year to cut through all the lies. It`s a century of lies, and now we need a nice, big moment of truth to bring this country back to energy independence.

BECK: That`s great. Edwin, thank you so much. We`ll have you back again.

That, my friend, is "The Real Story" tonight. If you would like to read more about the fascinating story about how OPEC crushed Synthetic Fuels Corporation or if you have a story to tell us about, please, go to, that`s with two ns. Click on "The Real Story" button and find the information there.


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